• Special machine - line conditioning
  • Special Machine - Cork Screw Driver for Cosmetic Industry
  • Special Machine - Pick and place Cosmetic Bottles
  • Special Machine - Manufacture of Cosmetic Fillers and Cosmetic Packaging Machines
  • Special machine - pick up
  • Special Machine - Burner
  • Special machine - screwdriver
  • Special Machine - Pick and place Cosmetic Bottles
  • Special machine - screwdriver

Machines for cosmetic industry

MECA-PLANS designs and produces in France a complete range of conditioning machines for cosmetics products in pots or bottle.

Special machine - complete line conditioning: folders, corker, screwdriver, tubeuse
MECA-PLANS : Special machine - line conditioning
Special machine - pick up: folders, corker, screwdriver, tubeuse
MECA-PLANS: Special Machine - Universal Cosmetic Machine TUBES / POTS / BOTTLES

Cosmetics line :

  • Filling machines
  • Capping machines
  • Robotic Pick&Place
  • Transfer conveyor
  • Accumulation table
  • OCR printing control
  • Weight sorting
  • ...

MECA-PLANS designs and manufactures innovative Pick&Place that directly integrate marking, printing control and weight sorting. These stand-alone systems are dedicated to cosmetics production lines feeding and unloading. They complete our range of filling, capping and other machines for cosmetic industry.

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